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Governing Body

Dear CPC Resident:

The purpose of this letter is to provide residents with updates on recent developments. 

The annual meeting of owners was held on January 17, 2017. At the meeting, there was an election, as the terms of 3 board seats were expiring. Board Members Nicole Testa, Clark Perks, and Rich Krasner were reelected. The Board President remains Charles Nugent, the Vice-President Sandy Dalton, Secretary Elaine Monticollo, and Treasurer Patty Willmott. Other Board members include Sharon McKenney, Jerry Morgan, Richard Weldon, and John Capasso. Contact information for each member is on the website.  

The next meeting of the Board is scheduled for Februry 21, 2017. The dates of all meetings are accessible through the website, by clicking on the monthly calendar. All meetings will be held at Cedar Run Wildlife Refuge located art 6 Sawmill Road. We encourage everyone's attendance.

As an update, the CPC became the owner of Block 5505.01, Lot 9 (the beach-165 W Centennial Drive) by virtue of Medford Council transferring ownership after becoming the owner through foreclosure. See Ordinance 2016-6.      

Litigation concerning the dam continues. In 2016, the Superior Court of New Jersey, Appellate Division, upheld the decision of a judge in Burlington County concerning the dam. We encourage all residents to read the decisions so you are fully informed as to developments.   

The CPC is seeking volunteers to serve on various committees. Participation requires little time, and serving on a committee helps the community and serves a valuable purpose. Therefore, we would appreciate any volunteers.

Assessment & Special Assessment Collection. Since imposing a special assessment in January 2015, most residents have paid it, and we thank you for the payment. Unfortunately, a number of residents have not paid the assessment, or the annual fee, despite repeated efforts to collect them. It is simply not fair that the residents who paid carry the burden for the whole community, while those who haven't paid continue to enjoy the benefits of the community. Litigation concerning the dam is ongoing and expensive. Payment of the assessment is not negotiable, and is a financial responsibility of everyone. The failure to pay the assessment has strained the CPC budget and caused hardship. The Board must now decide what steps it will take to collect the delinquent assessment.

The Board will be making a decision with regard to collecting the unpaid assessments and annual dues. Options include publishing the name of delinquent residents on the CPC website, filing liens against the homes of delinquent residents, prohibiting use of the lake, prohibiting boat storage at the beach, etc.  The CPC has recently hired an attorney to take collection action against a number of homeowners, and lawsuits are being filed to collect outstanding amounts. The CPC board would like to avoid any of those options, but seem to have no choice. Hiring an attorney is costly costly, so any collection efforts may require the delinquent resident pay the attorney fees and costs. Doing nothing is not an option, so we encourage those who haven't paid to pay now.

Community involvement and participation is necessary. The Board would appreciate any input from concerned residents.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact any of the Board members.
CPC Board of Trustees

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