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Medford Township has posted the following leaf collection update.


The first round of Leaf Collection has been completed in all Zones.  Crews will start the second and final round of Leaf Collection according to the schedule below:

Zone 1:  Week of 11/28/2016
Zone 2:  Week of 12/5/2016
Zone 3:  Week of 12/12/2016
Zone 4:  Week of 12/19/2016
Zone 5:  Week of 12/26/2016

Residents are encouraged to rake their leaves to the street before the Monday of the scheduled collection.  Residents are encouraged to create enclosures made from four (4) foot orange vinyl construction fencing available at your local home improvement stores.  Each street is collected once while we are in a scheduled Zone. Leaves placed curbside after our crews have collected the street will be the responsibility of the homeowner to remove.  Please make sure your leaves do not contain sticks, branches, tree limbs, or other debris. All piles should be no more than 10-12 feet from the edge of the roadway and at least 10 feet from storm drains. Piles should also be kept at least one foot from the curb or edge of the road to allow runoff from rain to flow freely. Please do not park vehicles close to piles as we will not risk any type of impact from our equipment.    Our crews will not drive onto private property or drive off the road to collect leaves.

Delays may be experienced due to large volumes of leave in any given Zone or due to extreme weather conditions. Every attempt will be made to alert residents of delays as they happen. Sweeping, raking, blowing or otherwise placing leaves at the curb is only permitted seven (7) days prior to a scheduled collection.

Placement of leaves at the curb or along the street at any other time or in any other manner is a violation of Township Ordinance 82. Any leaves placed curbside outside of the times specified by the Township will be the responsibility of the homeowner to have removed.

Any leaves generated by professional landscapers, contractors, or anyone hired by a homeowner, must be removed by them. In the past, the Township has encountered delays with leaf collection due to non-compliance with Township requirements, which impacts the Department's ability to deliver prompt and efficient service. Leaves placed curbside that do not meet the strict guidelines above will not be collected.

Please check the Neighborhood Services Dept. web page for more info,, including a neighborhood listing and map for the Zones.

Brush Collection:  The Dept. of Neighborhood Services has received numerous calls about the collection of brush.  Many calls were received because the homeowner thought Brush Collection and Leaf Collection were the same program.  Brush collection is the collection of tree branches and limbs less than six (6) inches in diameter.  Brush collection was completed in October but will resume in the Spring of 2017. Residents who need to dispose of brush may bring it to the DPW yard located at 2 Commonwealth Drive any Monday through Friday, from 7:00 am to 2:00 pm and every third Saturday from 8:00 am to 1:00 pm. Residents must show proof of residency.  Please note that contractors are not permitted to dispose of any material at the yard. Contractors who are hired to cut trees on private property are responsible for the removal of any tree debris.

As listed above, Leaf Collection will continue according to the published schedule and will be completed the last week of December, 2016.

The Township will enforce Township Codes that prohibit the placement of leaves or brush at the street outside of scheduled collection times.  Residents who place material at the street outside of our collection schedule will be cited accordingly. Township Ordinance states "All brush shall be stored on a resident's property and shall not be placed at the roadside earlier than 10 days preceding the Monday of the scheduled collection week." This Ordinance is strictly enforced.

Program updates will be distributed as needed through our website, Facebook page, and Nixle.  Please contact the Department of Neighborhood Services with any questions you may have at 609-654-6791 or via email to Richard Parks, Director of Neighborhood Services at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

We appreciate your cooperation in this regard as it helps to maintain a clean and attractive community.


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